Just Flight adds the 747 Classic and A300 to MSFS development plans

Just Flight came to public this week with a bit of sad news for Prepar3D users. After much consideration, the British studio decided to halt the development of both the 747 Classic and the A300B4-200 for P3D, citing the drastic reduction of users on that platform since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Here’s the good news, though: both the 747 and the A300 will now be coming to MSFS! Just Flight will use the work that’s already been done with both airplanes to quick-start their development for MSFS, taking advantage of all the advanced features that are available for aircraft developers on this new platform.

What will undeniably be seen as another setback for P3D’s future will also be a reason of joy for thousands of MSFS simmers, who will now look forward to flying two classic study-level airliners, probably the most iconic of them all: the original Queen of the Skies – the 747 – and the first twin-engined widebody airliner (and first Airbus aircraft!) – the A300.

Just Flight A300 MSFS
The A300 marked the birth of a new player in the airliner market: Airbus.

These two are both legendary airplanes, but the 747 Classic will arguably be the most interesting proposition for the MSFS crowd as it’s more unique than everything else on the platform’s market today. As for the A300, we reckon it will be a tougher sell, considering that iniBuilds/MS will soon launch what is expected to be a very detailed model of the A310 (very similar to the A300, but smaller), and for absolutely free.

Just Flight promises further details about each product and their development schedule down the line. For now, the team remains busy with other projects such as the Avro RJ, the Fokkers F28, 70, 100, the Tornado, and who knows what else!

As always, we’ll bring you all the new developments about either of these projects. For now, it’s time to add the 747 Classic and the A300B4-200 to our list of aircraft in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator!