Watch the trailer for the AzurPoly Transall C-160, coming to MSFS in a few weeks

AzurPoly has released a captivating trailer video for the highly-anticipated Transall C-160 military transport aircraft, set to debut on Microsoft Flight Simulator in just a few weeks. The new trailer showcases the remarkable visuals and design of the aircraft, which will mark an ambitious departure from AzurPoly’s previous work, which focused on smaller airplanes such as the TB-30 and the Fouga CM.170 Magister.

Back in September, AzurPoly surprised the community with the announcement of the Transall C-160 project. Over the past months, AzurPoly has shared sneak peeks of the ongoing development of the C-160, revealing a progressively more refined and realistic model. The trailer video released this week showcases the stunning exterior and flight deck, indicating that the aircraft is near completion.

AzurPoly also shared earlier this year some preview shots of the remarkably-detailed flight deck, which reveal many impressive textures that depict the well-used and rugged look of the C-160. The developers promise “a graphic quality that few MFS aircraft offer today“.

One unique feature that sets the C-160 apart is the fully functional rear cargo bay. AzurPoly has incorporated cargo dropping and parachuting capabilities, providing users with a truly unique and interactive experience.

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 13

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 12

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 11

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 10

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 9

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 8

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 7

AzurPoly C 160 Transall MSFS 6

AzurPoly has emphasized the focus on performance optimization, with early tests showing that the C-160 requires only about half the memory of a typical airliner in MSFS. This optimization makes the aircraft more accessible to users with low-end PCs or consoles, despite the high-quality graphics that we’re seeing in the pre-release materials. It will be interesting to see if AzurPoly does manage to deliver a highly-optimized and yet supremely detailed aircraft!

Although AzurPoly has not provided a specific release date for the C-160, they suggest that it should be available within the next few weeks. The developer has confirmed plans for a simultaneous release on both PC and Xbox platforms, ensuring that a wider range of MSFS simmers can enjoy this capable aircraft.