AzurPoly releases the Socata TB-30 Epsilon for MSFS

Nearly 6 months after their previous release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Fouga Magister, AzurPoly is back today with a brand new French aircraft for MSFS simmers. The Socata TB-30 Epsilon, a trainer two-seater aircraft designed to replace the Magister in the earlier stages of pilot training, is available now through the MSFS Marketplace.

The TB-30 Epsilon was announced back in March, as AzurPoly looked for the natural successor to the excellent Fouga Magister. The team decided on the TB-30 Epsilon, a basic trainer that should be a great option for simmers looking for a detailed and easy-going (but speedy) small airplane.

AzurPoly’s TB-30 Epsilon is the result of months of close-up work with a real aircraft, in a partnership with Vertical Flight Experience. The developers are confident that this new project is a step up over previous endeavors, both in terms of visuals and overall aesthetics and in terms of systems simulation. For sure, having close access to the aircraft can only make the work easier for developers and the end result more authentic for simmers.

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With the TB-30, AzurPoly continues their work in the lineage of French aircraft, but this is an airplane that is especially important today for the Portuguese Air Force, the main operator these days, which uses the TB-30 for flight training with the Squadron 101 “Roncos”. Curiously, another trainer used by the Portuguese Air Force, the “Chipmunk”, is also coming soon to MSFS, by the hands of Aeroplane Heaven!

AzurPoly says that all the systems of the TB-30 have been accurately recreated, such as the electrical, fuel, and hydraulic systems. The team also had the close collaboration of real pilots of the TB-30, who provided valuable feedback about the flight model and overall flying dynamics.

Before flying the TB-30 in MSFS, consider some of the helpful resources made available by AzurPoly, such as a detailed flight manual, a paintkit to create your own liveries, and supporting files that add compatibility with the PMS50 GTN750 or TDS GTNXi.

All in all, this looks to be like another great aircraft from AzurPoly! The TB-30 Epsilon is available now in the MSFS Marketplace, for both PC and Xbox, priced at €19.99, and on third-party stores such as Contrail.

For an early look into the TB-30 and its capabilities, see below a preview of the aircraft by our friend TwoToneMurphy!


  • Highly detailed 3D model.
  • 4k pixels PBR textures.
  • 11 liveries, including Cartouche Doré aerobatic patrol.
  • Accurate flight dynamics studied during real flights and built with TB-30 pilots.
  • High definition audio recorded on the real aircraft, for both exterior and interior sounds.
  • Fully operational front and rear stations.
  • Night flight and IFR capabilities.
  • Custom avionics with dual G5 display.
  • GTN 650 integration (both PMS50 and TDS versions).
  • GNC 255 radio.
  • GMA 340 audio panel.
  • KR 87 DME unit.
  • GTX 355 transponder.
  • Custom EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to manage aircraft settings.
  • Fully simulated electrical system with each circuit breaker operational.
  • Realistic interior and exterior lighting.
  • Custom hydraulic system with simulated failures.
  • Functional smoke system.
  • Windshield effects.
  • Reproduced front and rear canopies cinematic.
  • Interactive checklists with copilot actions.
  • AI compatible.

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