AzurPoly announces the Socata TB-30 Epsilon for MSFS

After the successful release of the Fouga CM.170 Magister for MSFS, a surprisingly well-made add-on airplane that has settled AzurPoly as a developer to follow, simmers might be wondering what might be coming next. Well, AzurPoly is staying close to its French roots and has announced that the next aircraft to be coming to MSFS is another military training bird, the Socata TB 30 Epsilon.

The TB 30 is a tandem two-seater that aimed at replacing the Fouga Magister in the early basic training for new pilots of the French Air Force. It features a cockpit layout that was designed to aid the transition to the Alpha Jet, a more advanced and jet-powered trainer.

The TB 30 Epsilon was an important aircraft for the French Air Force for more than 30 years, but was also exported to Portugal, the second-largest operator, with the same purpose of military pilot training.

So, it’s a totally logical choice by AzurPoly to now build the TB 30 for MSFS. This time the team will count with the support of Vertical Flight Experience, a French company that provides recreational flights in the TB 30 for the general public. This means AzurPoly will have close access to the real-world airplane, which is definitely a good thing. Let’s hope AzurPoly is able to get the necessary data to turn this airplane into something special in MSFS.

Besides announcing the development of this aircraft for MSFS, AzurPoly didn’t reveal any additional information at this point, neither in terms of features nor a release date. We did see the Fouga Magister being released just around three months after the initial announcement, so maybe that’s a good indication in terms of a development timeframe for the TB 30. In any case, we should start getting regular development updates from now on, so stay tuned for further news if the TB 30 Epsilon got your interest!

AzurPoly Socata TB 30 Epsilon MSFS 2