AzurPoly announces the Transall C-160 transport plane for MSFS

AzurPoly is set to continue developing new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator that have played an important role in European air forces throughout the years. Following the release of the rather excellent TB-30 Epsilon and the Fouga Magister, the team is now working on a big new aircraft: the Transall C-160!

The C-160 is a military transport airplane co-developed between France and Germany in the 1960’s. For the unfamiliar, it will immediately resemble the more widely used (and American) Hercules C-130, but with two engines rather than four. Rest assured that isn’t just an European take on the American classic: the C-160 was a staple in the French Air Force for more than 50 years for a reason!

It’s definitely an interesting airplane and not the usual kind of project we see in development for the simulator. Well, we did get that nasty C-130 from Captain Sim… but that’s not even worth mentioning except for the most casual gamers.

Transall C 160 MSFS 2

The C-160 is now reaching the end of its lifetime in the real world, replaced by the might Airbus A400M (that would be quite the addition to MSFS too!). It’s a perfect time, then, to preserve it for posteriority in a modern flight simulator like MSFS, which is exactly what AzurPoly is looking to do with this new project.

With this announcement, the team shared a couple of beautiful images of the aircraft, which show an aircraft that looks already quite advanced in terms of 3D modeling and external texturing! AzurPoly says that the team has the chance to visit a real C-160, which they will use as a reference for this project, much like they did with the TB-30.

We hope to soon be able to share more details with you about this new airplane for MSFS. For now, it’s time to add it to the watchlist for future releases and enjoy the two images we got from the developers! Stay tuned fur further updates!