Captain Sim releases external model of the C-130E Hercules for MSFS

Captain Sim is at it again. After the lackluster releases of the Boeing 767 and 777, the developer is now launching an even stranger product, and it’s one that might have been awesome if done properly… How do you feel about the external looks of the mighty C-130 Hercules? If that’s all you care about, then this might be perfect: Captain Sim has just released C-130 Captain Exterior for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You read that right. It’s just the exterior! No virtual cockpit! Captain Sim hopes you’ll be perfectly happy flying this iconic transport aircraft from just the third-person view, which is something a freeware airplane would have problems pulling off, let alone a $14.99 product.

Let’s see what Captain Sim is offering then. No virtual cockpit, that much we already know, but what about the external model? Captain Sim says it’s a highly detailed replica with 4K textures and realistic animations. A handful of liveries are included from known Air Forces around the world… and that’s about it. Even the sounds are from some stock airplane in MSFS.

Captain Sim is now selling this thing through its own website, but we really can’t recommend it. Still looking to give it a try? Prepare to shell out just about $15, and we’re pretty sure it will soon come to the Marketplace for Xbox simmers to fly as well.

Captain Sim C130 MSFS 1

Captain Sim C130 MSFS 7

Captain Sim C130 MSFS 6

Captain Sim C130 MSFS 5

Captain Sim C130 MSFS 4

Captain Sim C130 MSFS 3

Captain Sim C130 MSFS 2

Features: C-130 Captain Exterior

  • Highly detailed and accurate digital replica of the C-130E Hercules
  • Cockpit and cabin with 3D windows and pilots
  • Realistic animations
  • 4K Ultra-High resolution textures of the following 6 liveries:
    – USAF #640544
    – USAF #637777 (bare metal)
    – Australian Air Force #A97181
    – Canadian Air Force #130307
    – UK Air Force #ZH887
    – Brazilian Air Force #2459

  • No virtual cockpit, exterior model only
  • Stock MSFS2020 functionality including HUD instruments
  • Complete cargo cabin with animated doors
  • Custom views

  • Custom flight model
  • Stock MSFS2020 sounds
  • Repaint kit