Black Square’s Analog Baron is now available for MSFS

Black Square has released their highly anticipated Analog Baron for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a comprehensive overhaul of the default Baron G58’s interior, panel, and systems. This innovative modification requires the Deluxe or Premium Deluxe version of MSFS and breathes new life into the aircraft, while still retaining the familiar exterior model of the Asobo G58 Baron.

The Analog Baron features a completely redesigned interior that includes a detailed and functional analogue instrument panel. You’ll be able to choose between normally aspirated (B58) and pressurized (B58P) aircraft, as well as experience an advanced reciprocating engine simulation. Furthermore, Black Square’s overhaul includes a fully operational electrical system, with every circuit breaker, meter, switch, and knob functioning as expected.

One of the standout features of the Analog Baron is its failure system, which simulates persistent wear, mean time between failures (MTBF), and scheduled failures for nearly every component in the aircraft. As for the 3D gauges, they’ve been meticulously modeled and coded to match their real-world counterparts, with reference to actual manuals for maximum authenticity.

Pilots can choose from a range of radio navigation systems spanning different eras of the Baron’s history, allowing for a diverse flying experience. Options include flying without GPS via a Bendix KNS-81 RNAV system or enjoying the convenience of a Garmin GTN 750 (PMS50 or TDS). Additional radio equipment includes KX-155 NAV/COM radios, GNS 530, GNS 430, KR 87 ADF, KDI 572 DME, GTX 327 transponder, KFC 150 autopilot, and a Bendix RDR1150XL color weather radar.

Black Square’s Analog Baron also includes a comprehensive PDF manual that provides detailed instructions on all equipment and systems. To further enhance the user experience, 42 in-game checklists with control/instrument highlighting are included for both normal and emergency procedures, ensuring pilots have all the guidance they need for a realistic and immersive experience.

It is important to note that the Analog Baron is an interior and systems overhaul only, utilizing the default MSFS Baron exterior visual model. While the exterior remains unchanged, nearly every aspect of the aircraft’s systems has been improved, giving users an entirely new flying experience. All default Baron liveries are compatible with this product, allowing for a seamless transition for existing MSFS pilots.

Black Square Analog Baron MSFS 7

Black Square Analog Baron MSFS 6

Black Square Analog Baron MSFS 5

Black Square Analog Baron MSFS 4

Black Square Analog Baron MSFS 3

Black Square Analog Baron MSFS 2

Black Square Analog Baron MSFS 1

The Black Square Analog Baron for MSFS follows shortly after the Analog Bonanza, a similarly treatment to Asobo’s Bonanza that has turned out to be one of the best general aviation experiences in MSFS so far. The Analog Baron promises to offer much of the same goodness, but now with the added workload of a twin-engined airplane.

Black Square’s Baron overhaul offers a unique combination of classic aviation elements and modern features that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of virtual pilots. The attention to detail, wide range of radio navigation options, and robust failure system will certainly provide countless hours of engaging and challenging flight experiences.

The Black Square Analog Baron for MSFS is now available for purchase and download through Just Flight ($32.99), promising a transformative experience for those who have the Deluxe or Premium Deluxe version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. That’s right… unfortunately, the Baron is not available in the Standard Edition of MSFS, so you’ll have to either upgrade your MSFS installation or content with the Bonanza. You’ll be well served either way!

Don’t forget that Bonanza owners can take advantage of their discount code to receive a 25% discount on the purchase of the Analog Baron. Additionally, a bundle featuring both the existing Analog Bonanza and the new Analog Baron is available, offering a similarly attractive price point ($57.75).