Big Radials releases the Grumman JRF-6B Goose for MSFS

Big Radials released today its brand new recreation of the Grumman Goose, the vintage amphibious aircraft that was originally designed as a commuter airplane for rich New York businessmen. An old acquaintance to Big Radials (a remaster of the original FSX model was their first project for MSFS), the Goose now returns with a completely new and native model, textures, sounds, and much more.

The freeware G21A Redux II was already a lovely little airplane, despite its roots as an old FSX model. Big Radials is clearly fond of this aircraft, as we’re now seeing it completely rebuilt from the ground up to be a native MSFS model. This means a highly detailed 3D model, 4K PBR textures and custom sounds, but the team is going a little further. Careless management of the engine will lead to failures and some worrisome visual effects (fire and smoke).

When Big Radials first announced this project, they revealed plans to release a couple of bush trips to go along with the Goose. For now, it appears only one is included, but more are planned for the future.

Big Radials Goose MSFS 6.jpg

Big Radials Goose MSFS 4.png

Big Radials Goose MSFS 3.png

Big Radials Goose MSFS 2.jpg

Big Radials Goose MSFS 1.jpg

Big Radials proved themselves as a talented bunch with the P-40B Tomahawk and the Nieuport 17, so there are many reasons to get excited about a new airplane from the team, especially when it’s something as special as an amphibious bird of the old times.

The Big Radials Grumman JRF-6B Goose is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at €23,95 through the official website. It should soon come to Orbx and the Marketplace as well, although it will certainly take longer in the latter.

Main Features:

  • Full native flight model, 3D assets, sounds, 4K textures, PBR, everything! Hmm yea that’s pretty standard these days isn’t it?
  • OK What about engine failures, fire and smoke if you don’t look after them in flight!
  • Bushtrip: Go on a Canadian Fishing Holiday and fly from Seattle to Stewart. More Bushtrips planned and a special appearance?
  • Thumping (and accurate) engine sounds that make you want to just sit on the apron running her at idle. Ahhh music to our ears!
  • CHEAT MODE! Find the hidden console if you’re not ready to give up your GPS just yet.
  • Fishing pole and stool. Ready to throw in a line after flying into that remote Alaskan lake?