Another airport for the Nordics: Aerosoft releases Sandnessjøen-Stokka Airport

After the release of the Nordics World Update for Flight Simulator, we’ve seen a few developers taking advantage of the stream of new pilots flying in Northern Europe by releasing new custom airports for this region. We saw that just a few days ago with Orbx’s Sogndal Haukåsen Airport, in Norway, and now it’s Aerosoft that is releasing another airport in the same country: Sandnessjøen-Stokka Airport.

Developed by FlyThreePeaks, who already have Ørsta-Volda Airport in their portfolio for MSFS, Sandnessjøen-Stokka (ENST) is a small regional airport that is perfectly located to explore Norway’s majestic fjords, being closely located to the Seven Sisters waterfall.

This airport features a 1400-meter runway that accommodates Widerøe’s Dash-8s, similarly to other airports in Norway which offer a public service operation. These flights connect to bigger urban centers in Norway such as Bodø, Trondheim and the capital, Oslo.

Sandnessjoen Stokka Airport MSFS 4

Sandnessjoen Stokka Airport MSFS 3

Sandnessjoen Stokka Airport MSFS 2

Sandnessjoen Stokka Airport MSFS 1

FlyThreePeaks seem to have created a very detailed scenery, featuring accurate buildings and even detailed terminal and tower interiors. This is a very scenic location, with towering mountains serving as a backdrop, which should pose a nice challenge when exploring the area.

Aerosoft Airport Sandnessjøen-Stokka is now available for just under 15€.

Main Features:

  • Custom, highly detailed models for all airport buildings, including VOR and Localizer equipment, as well as buildings surrounding the airport
  • Highly detailed interior for the departure hall, entrance area and tower
  • Reworked terrain and vegetation
  • Custom ground textures, including grooved runway
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Custom models for all taxiway, runway and approach lights
  • PBR textures