BlueMesh unveils the first autogyro for MSFS

After so many single-engine airplanes, here’s something new for Flight Simulator: an autogyro! That’s right, this curious little machine will soon be making a first entry into MSFS, thanks to the work of BlueMesh, who recently brought us the Caudron Rafale C430 and the uncanny Flying Inflatable Boat.

This new project from BlueMesh is a recreation of the Era Eclipse, with some modifications. The 3D model is mostly finished (and looking very good), with most of the work now reserved for the flight model.

It will be interesting to see how the developers implement the autogyro physics in MSFS, knowing the struggles of other developers with rotorcraft flight models, which need to be built from the ground up. And this is no helicopter!

BlueMesh is hoping to finish the work on the Eclipse by the end of the month, ready for the upcoming launch of MSFS on Xbox on July 27th. Despite having just announced the project, development seems to be going well, with dashboard elements such as a tablet and the EMSIS also nearly complete.

Autogyro MSFS 4

Autogyro MSFS 3

Autogyro MSFS 2

Autogyro MSFS 1

The developers shared a few stunning shots of their autogyro model, a very impressive and detailed render that hopefully bodes well for the final aircraft. A few liveries will be available, and a paint kit will be released for livery artists to play around with.

With the promise of a release in just a few weeks, BlueMesh have a very interesting little project on their hands and we are quite curious to see how it will behave in MSFS. There are no pricing details yet, so stay tuned to learn more about this project once we have more information!