Trent Palmer’s KitFox is coming to Flight Simulator

Trent Palmer is a well-known YouTube personality among bush pilots, living the dream-life of flying bush planes in the backcountry while shooting some films on the side. His personal airplane, a Series 5 Kitfox STI nicknamed “FreedomFox“, is a common presence on his videos, and it’s now coming to MSFS in a full collaboration between Trent himself and Parallel 42.

The FreedomFox is a STOL-inspired airplane, running on a 140hp Rotax 915iS engine which gives it plenty of oomph for short take-offs and landings. If you follow Trent’s adventures on YouTube, you will be used to see it landing on short strips, mountain tops, and more!

Parallel 42 has only one product so far for the latest Flight Simulator, The Skypark, a “mission-generator” that helps to give some purpose to your flights in MSFS. Now the developers are working on their first aircraft for the sim, a very good-looking, accurate and officially supported virtual version of the FreedomFox. And they have a short teaser video to show it:

The single-piston engine airplane market in MSFS is filled with options (in a very unbalanced way, actually), but this little KitFox does look rather enticing. The visual detail is impressive! The tailwheel alone looks positively ridiculous, it’s hard to say if it’s real or not!

Parallel 42 says the FreedomFox is already undergoing some testing inside the sim, which bodes well for a release soon. As usual, we will keep an eye on it and let you know about any further developments!

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 10

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 9

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 8

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 7

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 5

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 4

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 3

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 2

Trent Palmer FreedomFox MSFS 1