BlueMesh releases the Caudron C.430 Rafale for MSFS, a vintage French racer

This is a weekend for the vintage airplanes in MSFS. Besides the release of the beautiful Ryan ST-A, we also got a French airplane from the same period: the Caudron C.430 “Rafale”, brought to us by BlueMesh, creators of the uncanny Flying Inflatable Boat. The Rafale, however, is a rather more serious undertaking from the developers!

The C.430 Rafale was a two-seater airplane designed to train pilots who raced in the similar, single-seat Caudron C.362. It quickly set speed records after its introduction, but the Rafale became famous for grim reasons. French pioneer pilot Hélène Boucher died when she crashed with one of the only two units that were built, at just 26 years old.

BlueMesh created the C.430 as a memorial to Hélène Boucher, and they did so with a great attention to detail. The aircraft looks beautiful in the images and videos shared by the developers, with a highly detailed 3D model and textures, both on the exterior side and in the cool-looking cockpit. Check the stunning release trailer below:

The Rafale should pose a good challenge to keen pilots, given its speed but especially the cockpit position, which is located very close to the rear of the airplane. It should be a good idea to approach for a landing with a steep descent, or you may have trouble seeing the runway.

BlueMesh is releasing their C.430 at a very affordable price. At just 10€ / $12, it’s a very compelling aircraft to try. A rare, historic bird that will look great next to the aforementioned Ryan ST-A or any other of those early pioneer machines, some of which we already have available in Flight Simulator.

The BlueMesh Caudron C.430 Rafale is now available at Simmarket.

Caudron C.430 Rafale MSFS 5

Caudron C.430 Rafale MSFS 4

Caudron C.430 Rafale MSFS 2

Caudron C.430 Rafale MSFS 1