New airplane! Ryan ST-A Special released for MSFS by A1R Design Bureau

New weekend, new airplane to fly in Flight Simulator! This one came seemingly out of nowhere but seems like a very interesting proposition for those looking into a more radical experience in MSFS. A1R Design Bureau has released the Ryan ST-A Special, an American-built two-seat monoplane that was used for aerobatics and also training purposes.

The A1R Design Bureau has created some interesting airplanes for flight simulation over the years, but the Ryan ST-A is their first entry into the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers didn’t share much information about their product, but the previews images do look absolutely stunning!

It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of variety when it comes to liveries but, arguably most importantly, we get a glimpse of a really detailed exterior and interior model with some really good-looking textures. From the beautiful wooden propeller to the very realistically-looking leather seats, we’re looking into a stunner!

Ryan ST A Special MSFS 1

Ryan ST A Special MSFS 6

Ryan ST A Special MSFS 5

Ryan ST A Special MSFS 4

Ryan ST A Special MSFS 2

Ryan ST A Special MSFS 7

When it comes to the systems and flight model, A1R didn’t provide any information, which is unfortunate to those looking to buy the plane. More details would be useful for prospective buyers, and since we didn’t have the chance to try it out just yet, we’ll have to wait for customer feedback. If you have any, share with us in the comments below!

Still, prior experience with A1R is promising for this new release, as their previous products for P3D and FSX were well received and praised for their overall quality. It looks like we’re in for some fun, amidst the beautiful MSFS clouds doing some aerobatic maneuvers in a vintage airplane!

The Ryan ST-A Special is now available through Simmarket for around $20.