Cockspur’s Phenom 100 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Cockspur has just released its newest business jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the PH100. This aircraft is a simulation of the Embraer Phenom 100, a light business jet and a direct competitor to the Cessna Mustang, which Cockspur also released for MSFS some time ago.

Cockspur says that its Phenom 100 is a “finely crafted expansion” designed to be a meticulous representation of the real-world aircraft. In terms of overall features, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Realistic Exterior: The PH100 Add-On recreates the sleek lines and intricate details of the Phenom 100, allowing pilots to admire its beauty from every angle.
  2. Immersive Cockpit: The cockpit is highly detailed, replicating every switch, instrument, and control to deliver an authentic pilot experience.
  3. Dynamic Systems: Pilots can explore the intricacies of the Phenom 100’s systems, from avionics to engine management, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the aircraft.
  4. Flight Dynamics: The add-on mirrors the real-world performance of the Phenom 100, offering an immersive flight experience that responds to pilot inputs and environmental conditions.
Cockspur Phenom 100 MSFS released 1

Cockspur’s history with business jet models in MSFS, including the well-received C510 Mustang, sets a high expectation for the Phenom 100. The development team, led by Sebastian Darrell, has applied lessons from that previous project to enhance this new offering, promising a rich and immersive flying experience.

The Phenom 100’s development was enriched by contributions from real-life pilots, ensuring an authentic simulation that mirrors real-world operations.

The Cockspur PH100 is out now directly from the developer’s website, priced at €26.99. A Marketplace release is also planned as soon as the product clears Microsoft’s intake process.

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