F7 Simulations releases the Eagle S100, promises one of the most realistic aerobatic flight models for MSFS

F7 Simulations, a new developer looking to leave a good first impression with the MSFS community, has announced the release of his first payware aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Eagle S100 is a high-performance prototype aerobatic aircraft designed for freestyle, competition flying, and racing.

The Eagle S100 is a unique creation, inspired by various aerobatic aircraft such as the MXS, Extra NG, Votec 351, and Raven. The developer has put a significant emphasis on creating one of the most realistic aerobatic flight models for MSFS, considering the current limitations of the simulator. He promises frequent updates to further enhance its performance and realism.

The aircraft comes in two variants, the S100 and R100, powered by a 380 HP AEIO-580 engine. It boasts impressive roll rates of up to 470°/s and can cruise at 180 knots. The Eagle S100 is capable of handling +-14G, making it a fully aerobatic flight model. This should be fun!

The Eagle S100 comes with up to 8k PBR textures, two livery types, and five color variations. It has highly optimized LODs and includes a detailed manual for controls setup and more information. Avionics are powered by the G3X (which is in serious need of an AAU update) and it also comes with an AS307 autopilot. The aircraft also features multiplayer-compatible modern propeller physics.

While not a real-world airplane, the Eagle S100 should be very fun to fly and throw around in the simulator. It’s available now through simMarket, priced at just under $20 USD.

Eagle S100 aerobatic msfs 1

Eagle S100 aerobatic msfs 2

Eagle S100 aerobatic msfs 3

Eagle S100 aerobatic msfs 4

Eagle S100 aerobatic msfs 5

Eagle S100 aerobatic msfs 6

Interestingly, F7 Simulations also offers a “Low Carb Eagle S100” – a cardboard model of the aircraft that can be downloaded for free. This lightweight, biodegradable model features a “study level flight model,” an environmentally friendly smoke system, and a “WeeeeSpeedIndicator” measured in smiles per hour. A playful toy that reminds us of the cardboard Spitfire!