PMDG 777 Beta Testing Update: Progressing Steadily Towards Release

PMDG’s highly anticipated 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is steadily advancing through its beta testing phase, as revealed in the latest update from PMDG’s Robert Randazzo. While a specific release date remains unannounced, PMDG carries on committed to delivering a feature-rich simulation experience built on a meticulous development process.

The PMDG 777, dubbed as the flagship of PMDG’s fleet, is undergoing rigorous testing to ensure it meets the high standards expected by the flight simulation community. The beta testing period has been crucial in refining and enhancing numerous features, with the aim of creating the most comprehensive 777 simulation for desktop platforms.

Currently, the beta testing team is working with BETA 5, focusing on short-haul segments to rigorously test the aircraft’s systems and capabilities. This phase is essential for identifying and resolving any issues, ensuring the aircraft’s reliability and performance.



As with every comprehensive testing phase, the beta team has already reported 359 issues, with the development team resolving 263 of these, which indicates a good problem-solving pace. Randazzo says that the next two weeks are critical for addressing open agenda items and reducing the number of issue reports, which are key indicators of the project’s health and readiness.

Randazzo concludes that the release of the PMDG 777 is “almost here” and promises to be a significant addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator, satisfying the “big airliner” itch for enthusiasts and simmers alike.

Unfortunately, there are no preview images this week, but the team is keen to share the first flight deck previews very soon. Stay tuned!