SimSolutions Announces Development of Learjet 75 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Editor’s Note: In the original version of this article, there was an unintended implication that we were discussing the same airplane as the Flysimware Learjet 35. It’s obviously a different aircraft. Regrettably, this writer of yours completely jumbled the model numbers, and for that, I offer a sincere apology.

Learjet may have just seen the first proper introduction of their aircraft to MSFS with Flysimware’s recently released early access version of the Learjet 35, but today we’re bringing you a short update to let you know that there’s another developer working on another Learjet business jet. SimSolutions, who released the Diamond DA20 last summer, has recently announced the development of the Learjet 75 for MSFS, with the close support of a real-world pilot of the aircraft.

In fact, the Learjet 75 project by SimSolutions appears committed to authenticity and detail. In the announcement made through the developer’s Discord, it is stated that, unlike many simulations based on internet-sourced images, this project benefits from the direct input of a real-world Learjet pilot. This collaboration provides exclusive access to detailed photographs and videos, ensuring a high level of accuracy in the 3D model.

SimSolutions Learjet 35 MSFS 4

Key features of the upcoming Learjet 75 include:

  • Garmin G5000 avionics
  • Garmin FMS systems
  • Customized flight model
  • Use of the main cabin door
  • 8K textures inside and out (and boy, are they nice)
  • Accurate modeling and material usage inside and out
  • Fully modeled cabin
  • Custom lighting throughout

SimSolutions indicated that the development of the Learjet 75 will be a comprehensive and time-intensive process, so no release is to be expected anytime soon.

SimSolutions Learjet 35 MSFS 5

SimSolutions Learjet 35 MSFS 3

SimSolutions Learjet 35 MSFS 2

Despite working on a different aircraft (the 75 is larger and significantly more modern than the 35) SimSolutions will definitely face an uphill battle for the best Learjet for MSFS against Flysimware’s 35 model, which, while still very much a work in progress, is expected to become a very detailed and high-fidelity rendition of the airplane.

Still, with a different approach to the market, the developer may have a chance to capture the interest of Learjet enthusiasts. Time will tell! For now, check out the first preview images of the SimSolutions Learjet 75 for MSFS and stay tuned for further updates down the line!