SimSolutions debuts in MSFS with the Diamond DA20

SimSolutions, a developer previously recognized for his contributions to the X-Plane platform, has now expanded his offerings to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the introduction of the Diamond DA20. This release marks a pivotal moment for the developer as his first aircraft for MSFS.

With a history of developing small airplanes for X-Plane, including notable models like the Piper J3 Cub and the Diamond DA40, SimSolutions has garnered respect within the flight simulation community. The Diamond DA20-C1, announced earlier this year, is the latest project from the developer, bringing Diamond’s popular two-seat airplane to the global user base in Microsoft Flight Simulator, who previously only had access to Asobo’s version of the plane that comes with the more expensive Deluxe and Premium Deluxe versions of the simulator.

Brady Margeson, the lead developer at SimSolutions, brings a personal touch to this project. His real-world experience flying the DA20 has undoubtedly influenced the development, aiming for a rendition that captures both the technical and experiential aspects of piloting the aircraft.

The Diamond DA20-C1, having taken its inaugural flight in 1991, boasts a lineage with over 1000 models produced. This two-seat, single-engine aircraft, adaptable to 100 or 100LL fuel, has been a favorite among aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike and is especially popular as a trainer.

SimSolutions’ rendition of the DA20-C1 Eclipse offers:

  • Detailed modeling, both inside and out.
  • 4K PBR Textures
  • A meticulously crafted 3D cockpit.
  • Features like the canopy and fuel cap that can be interactively opened.
  • Modern systems like the GTX 327 transponder and the DAVTRON clock system.
  • Checklists
SimSolutions Diamond DA20 MSFS 3

SimSolutions Diamond DA20 MSFS 2

SimSolutions Diamond DA20 MSFS 4.png

The Diamond DA20’s real-world reputation as a training aircraft brings a unique dimension to MSFS. Its agility and specific landing characteristics provide both challenges and rewards for virtual pilots. The aircraft’s nuances, combined with SimSolutions’ attention to detail, promise an engaging flight experience.

The SimSolutions DA20-C1 is available now from iniBuilds, priced at £15.49 GBP (around €18.14 EUR / $19.77 USD)