Got Friends is back working on the F4F-4 Wildcat for MSFS. Here’s the latest on this project!

The Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, a symbol of World War II’s aerial might, is being meticulously recreated for Microsoft Flight Simulator by the talented team at Got Friends. This project, first announced almost two years ago, has been a labor of love for the developers, who are committed to delivering an unparalleled virtual flying experience after two years of consistent growth and increasingly more complex, higher-quality products, of which the Wilga is the culminating example.

We’ve finally heard news about the Got Friends Wildcat, which promises to be another very exciting addition to the team’s lineup for MSFS. The latest development update reveals a comprehensive overhaul of the F4F-4, reflecting the team’s dedication to quality and authenticity. The entire 3D model has been retouched, the aircraft repainted, all components re-animated, and modern flight model aspects implemented to ensure full compatibility with the current features of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Got Friends Wildcat MSFS 6

Got Friends Wildcat MSFS 5

Got Friends Wildcat MSFS 4

Got Friends Wildcat MSFS 3

Got Friends Wildcat MSFS 2

Got Friends Wildcat MSFS 1

Expect to see the Wildcat represented in MSFS with utmost attention to detail. The team is looking to implement many of the airplane’s known nuances, such as the need to crank the landing gear 29 times to lock it in place, watching the chain pull up the gear, or displaying the Code of the Day via the array of lights on the belly. 

Got Friends is also paying close attention to the Wildcat’s unique features, such as Aircraft Carrier catch/release capability, wing folding, and other surprises yet to be revealed. The team’s passion for realism extends to offering both automated and manual crank modes for the Landing Gear and Cowl Flaps, Prop-Strike Physics, Bone Animated Elements like the Yoke, Rudder Pedals, and Chain Animations, and Gun Sight Visuals with an Alternative Gun Sight.

Alongside this update, the team shared a series of striking new screenshots that showcase the current status of the aircraft. While the previews provided are tantalizing, the project is still very much a work in progress. The developers are hard at work, ensuring that this old project meets their current high standards. More details will be revealed in the future, but for now, the unique features highlighted offer a glimpse into what promises to be a remarkable new warbird to Microsoft Flight Simulator!