Indiafoxtecho’s Focus is back on the Tornado as it enters Alpha Testing

Following the widely acclaimed release of the F-14 Tomcat for Microsoft Flight Simulator (in partnership with Heatblur Simulations), Indiafoxtecho is now making significant strides with its Tornado project.

After experiencing some delays due to the extensive effort poured into the Tomcat launch, the Tornado is now back on track. The latest development update offers a glimpse into the progress and the meticulous attention to detail being applied to this iconic European fighter.

As usual, Indiafoxtecho detailed the current status of the project through its Facebook page:

  • External Model: Nearly complete at 99.9%, with only minor adjustments left.
  • Cockpit Model: The pilot cockpit is almost entirely finished, barring minor details. Completion of the navigator cockpit is expected in the coming week.
  • Flight Model: The first pass of the flight model is in place, laying the groundwork for further refinement.
  • Systems: Basic flight systems and instruments are operational. However, the team is working on refining special functions and adding navigation functions.
  • Sounds: Real-world aircraft sound samples have been collected. The next step involves mixing these sounds and incorporating cockpit-specific audio.
Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 1

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 5

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 4

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 3

While the project has faced delays, the current estimate suggests that a Beta build could be ready before the end of the month. The final product might be available by the end of February. However, this timeline is tentative, as Indiafoxtecho prioritizes quality and completeness over rushed releases.

The Tornado, a multirole combat aircraft renowned for its versatility and performance, holds a special place in aviation history, especially for the German, Italian, and UK Air Forces.

The Indiafoxtecho Tornado package will include the IDS, GR.1, and ECR models. Despite requests for an F3 / ADV model, the team has decided not to include it in the initial release due to structural differences and less documentation compared to the other variants. However, they did not rule out the possibility of including it in future updates.