IndiaFoxtEcho’s Tornado significantly delayed, F-14 Tomcat likely to come out first

IndiaFoxtEcho has shared a bit of news that will sadden those who have been waiting for the team’s rendition of the Panavia Tornado for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After revealing in early March that a decision had been made to rework their existing 3D model of the aircraft, the developer has now revealed that they have now decided to redo most of the cockpit model, as they were not happy with its quality.

Unfortunately, this decision has led to a “significant delay” in this project, which has pushed the Tornado to an estimated release date after the highly-awaited F-14 Tomcat. The current estimate for the completion of the Tornado’s 3D modeling and retexturing is about a month, with hopes for a test version in July.

Despite the unexpected delay, IndiaFoxtEcho has reassured its followers that they are not rushing the project for a quick cash-in. Instead, they are committed to delivering quality and realism in their aircraft.

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 4

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 3

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 2

Along with this announcement, the developer shared a few new preview images of the aircraft, which depict liveries of Italian liveries in celebration of Italy’s National Day.

The Tornado project is focusing on the IDS variant (Interdiction/Strike) as a development baseline for the cockpit and systems. Other variants like the ECR (Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance) and the ADV (Air Defense Variant) fighter will also be included, but the IDS will serve as a baseline for all forthcoming variants.

In addition to the Tornado, IndiaFoxtEcho is also making headway with the F-14 Tomcat, developed in partnership with Heatblur Simulations.

The Tornado may be experiencing some turbulence on its journey to Microsoft Flight Simulator, but IndiaFoxtEcho’s dedication to quality and realism should ensure that the final product will be well worth the wait. Stay tuned for more updates as the Tornado and Tomcat continue their journey towards the skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator!