The FlightFX Vision Jet G2 gets a massive update with much-improved avionics, new liveries, and much more

FlightFX has finally released the much-awaited Vision Jet G2 update that elevates this fantastic aircraft to an even higher standard in MSFS. Update 2.0 brings all the goodies introduced in AAU1 to the tiny jet, featuring a multitude of avionics upgrades, a few fixes, and a large number of new liveries!

The Vision Jet 2.0 update focuses on enhancing the pilot’s experience within the cockpit. FlightFX has meticulously remodeled the cockpit area, adjusting the screen sizes and aspect ratios of the PFD, MFD, and all GTC screens. This attention to detail not only brings a visual upgrade to the aircraft’s interior, but also facilitates better flight management, with the reworked custom pages and EIS now being fully compatible with the Working Title’s upgraded G3000 system that was introduced with AAU1.

The upgraded systems are indeed the highlight of this update. For example, the Autothrottle system has been meticulously reworked, resulting in a more accurate and responsive control. In addition to this, full VNAV capabilities have been introduced to the Vision Jet, bringing a transformative impact on how simmers navigate the aircraft across the virtual skies.

vision jet update msfs 1

vision jet update msfs 2

Navigraph subscribers and fliers of the Vision Jet will obviously be ecstatic to know that the new G3000 now features seamless Charts and SimBrief integration, making for a superbly immersive experience flying the newly-upgraded Vision Jet.

If you’re tired of the Vision Jet’s paltry original 3 liveries, you’ll also be happy to know FlightFX has also greatly extended the number of repaints available for the aircraft. With this new version, simmers are able to adorn their aircraft with 24 new liveries, for a total of 27.

vision jet update msfs 3 liveries
A preview of the new liveries included with this update.

With this update, the Vision Jet cements its position as one of the best airplanes in MSFS, especially in the VLJ category. It’s now even more of a pilot machine, happily serving the needs of those looking for a highly realistic light jet with all the bells and whistles that can be expected from today’s avionics in MSFS. With a physical appearance scheduled for later this month during FlightSimExpo, this June is promising to be a great month for this fantastic airplane from FlightFX!

The Vision Jet G2 remains a Marketplace exclusive, so there’s where you’ll find the latest version.

Vision Jet 2.0 release notes:

  • All custom pages and EIS have been reworked to be compatible with the WT AAU G3000 system.
  • Checklist can now be viewed on any screen (split screen only).
  • PFD, MFD and all GTC screen sizes have been reworked to have the correct screen sizes and aspect ratio. This includes a remodel of the cockpit area.
  • New Aircraft status page items:
  • Enviro and Press
  • IPS Stall & Offset Reset
  • Fully reworked Autothrottle to be more accurate and responsive.
  • Full VNAV capabilities (WT version)
  • All units now update based on the units selected in the MFD settings.
  • FLAPS ICE and STALL SPEED HIGH CAS message now shows when airframe de-icing has been enabled. The message can be reset using the IPS Stall & Offset Reset button in the GTC Aircraft Status page.
  • Added contrails
  • All VAMS features have been moved to the touch pad found in the cockpit.
  • Fixed TAT temperature on the Status Info page.
  • Fixed Weight Balance Init page getting a green tick even if total weight is above max take off weight
  • Fixed Takeoff Thrust CAS message appearing twice
  • AT no longer only works when pressed from within the cockpit, it can now be assigned to any button
  • Checklist TSC page has been moved to Utilities -> Checklist.