Flight Sim Squadron mods: Star Wars ships, F-14, F-22, and much more!

We already know how awesome the freeware community of Flight Simulator is. The amount of cool free content that has become available since the release of MSFS is hugely impressive! EggMan28 from Flight Sim Squadron released some of the most fun and interesting aircraft mods, with sci-fi ships like the Star Trek Enterprise, Star Wars X-Wing and Millennium Falcon, and much more.

msfs x wing

The team has now expanded their creations to a range of new categories, with real world aircraft such as the F-14, F22 Raptor, RAF Spitfire, A6M Zero, Wright Flyer and Space Shuttle, but also with scenery mods and fantasy creations like Goku, Ultraman, Flying Dragons and more. It’s an extensive catalogue that keeps on growing with new additions and features.

When it comes to the Sci-Fi creations, while they are fun to try and take some cool screenshots with, don’t raise your expectation too much. Even according to the developer “they are not to scale, are pretty rubbish to fly, have no animations, working interior or sound… Some have trouble taking off properly and work best when spawned in mid-air or used with ‘slew mode’.” Still, they are pretty fun to get over NYC for some Holywood-style movie screenshots!

msfs f 14 1

Arguably even more interesting are the real aircraft mods. While you shouldn’t expect anything like what DC Designs and Indiafoxtecho are creating with their F-15 and MB-339, respectively, Flight Sim Squadron mods like the F-14, F-22 and Spitfire are nonetheless probably the only chance you can get of taking beautiful screenshots with these planes in MSFS.

In fact, these mods became so popular that Flight Sim Squadron have started to improve some of their features, specially when it comes to animations. These updated versions are now available as part of a $10 ‘Season Pass 2020’, which gives you access to the animated F-14 (landing gear and swing wigs), but also an animated ultralight and glider.

glider msfs 2

There’s a list of additional aircraft to join the Season Pass 2020, which are planned to be:

  • Antonov AN 12 with animated prop, flaps and landing gear
  • Zero with animated props, flaps and landing gear
  • F4 Corsair with animated props, flaps and landing gear
  • Concorde with animated landing gear, flaps and nose cone
  • SR-71 (landing gear)

Flight Sim Squadron will be testing if the support for this project is good enough, and will keep adding more custom aircraft until the end of 2020, so supporters of this project will be able to download the aircraft that will take more effort to customize but at no additional cost beyond what the devs think is a modest once off payment.

In any way, the free mods will continue to be available.

Below is a trailer video featuring the animated F-14 that is part of that Season Pass.