Virtualcol announces development of Beechcraft 99, Dash-8 Series for MSFS

Virtualcol has released a fair amount of aircraft for flight simulation over the years, but when it comes to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator we had yet to hear from them. Well wait no more, because they just announced the development of the Beechcraft 99 for MSFS, coming this year, and hinted at the release of a Dash-8 Series in January.

Fully re-developed for MSFS (there was already an FSX and P3D version), this new Beechcraft 99 Commuter is currently in active development, with the exterior model already successfully tested, while the interior model is still in development.

The developers are confident that this new aircraft will be ready by mid-November, if no further issues arise.

Virtualcol stated that the new techniques enabled by this new simulator allow a much easier final finish in the model. For example, the Beech 99 will include decals for screws and rivets, ensuring a much better quality of the 3D model.

They were also happy to share that they’re already aiming for a second release after the Beechcraft: the Dash-8 Series, coming to MSFS, FSX and P3D in January.

But for now, the first images of the Beechcraft 99 Commuter for MSFS, courtesy of Virtualcol:

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