Aero Dynamics updates on KC-10/DC-10 development for MSFS

Aero Dynamics continues to work on its very ambitious goal to bring a highly detailed simulation of the KC-10 and DC-10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the previous development update last November, the team has now published a new report about the progress that has been done in the past few months. Work is progressing on all fronts, but patience must be exercised as a lot of stuff is still to come.

Since the last update, Aero Dynamics completely overhauled the external model of the aircraft, with the goal of having a more accurate representation of the forward section, wing roots, and more. The team has also added access to maintenance areas of the aircraft, which indicates that they plan to implement some maintenance functionality in the final product.

When it comes to the interior model, not much has advanced on this front, but Aero Dynamics says they have decided to completely model the cabin of each aircraft. Remember that this team is working to create three different models for MSFS, starting with the KC-10 Tanker, followed by the DC-10F, the civilian cargo transport, to finally focus on the famous DC-10, the passenger variant.

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 11

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 10

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 9

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 8

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 6

We already know that Aero Dynamics is preparing a robust set of learning tools to get new pilots acquainted with the KC-10. An essential element will be a detailed Flight Manual, which continues to be expanded and is now more than 300 pages long. Furthermore, Aero Dynamics is now building up a Flight Crew Operations Manual for the DC-10, which will share a lot of similarities with the KC-10 Flight Manual.

In terms of system’s programming, this is a major area that Aero Dynamics will now focus on. They understand that this is a particularly big task, so they are taking some inspiration from FlyByWire’s coding technique to create the KC-10’s systems. They are starting with the simulation of the electrical system, looking to implement that as closely as possible to the real-world electrics.

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 13

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 12

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 2

KC 10 DC 10 MSFS freeware 7

With the external model of the KC-10 mostly complete, Aero Dynamics has now also started working on the liveries for the DC-10. By the time the aircraft is finally released, the team hopes to include some notable repaints such as Fedex, Gemini Air Cargo, Varig Logística, Continental Airlines, Pan American World Airways, Northwest, and Swissair.

Aero Dynamics is composed of some developers that are currently on active military duty and operate a real KC-10 in the USAF. In light of some recent world events, development time is currently unpredictable, so the team is unable to provide accurate timing estimates for future progress, let alone a potential release date. Still, they continue to promise that work continues to move this project forward, looking to eventually deliver a very authentic and accurate aircraft. And remember, this will be free!

While we wait, enjoy the latest set of WIP images of this product, which mostly show some improved details in the external model. Aero Dynamics will be back in June with another development update! Until then, you can also follow their work on Discord.