FlightShare – an impressive and free multiplayer app with GPS tracking, instant teleportation and much more

Is this yet another “gps tracking” app for Flight Simulator? After testing it breafly, we believe it’s not. In fact, it’s one of the most impressive free utilities to grace MSFS since its release. And we’ve seen many, like VFRMAP and NeoFly!

Flightshare is many things at the same time. For starter, it’s free. Then, it’s sort of has a multiplayer environment: you can see other users in the map and some info about their type of aircraft, altitude, etc. You can also follow them by creating a waypoint in that aircraft. You can also then turn on the autopilot and it will start tracking that waypoint! How cool is that?!

The feature list is extensive and pretty awesome. Besides what we’ve said above, you can also save favorite locations (who wouldn’t want that feature built-in within MSFS?), click any airport to see its details and create automatic landing waypoints to that airport, which will give you an visual guidance system to most airport without the need for ILS! Impressive, right? It’s quite amazing, extremely useful, fun and genuinely creative. But there’s more: those waypoints on other aircraft that the autopilot can follow? You can create them anywhere, and the autopilot will follow that route.

What can we say, this is a must have. Get it now!

Feature list

  • Real Maps!
  • GPS Tracks – Real time GPS track of your aircraft
  • Instant Teleportation anywhere in the world
  • Pilot List – Shows information about all other pilots flying.
  • Instantly Teleport to the other planes you are flying with
  • Follow Mode – Click FLW to follow another plane. This will create a dynamic waypoint to that plane
  • Other Pilots GPS Tracks – Real time GPS track of the other pilots you are flying with
  • Easily Create Waypoints by just right clicking on the map
  • Your plane’s autopilot will follow your waypoints!
  • Move waypoints by dragging them on the map, autopilot will move accordingly
  • Click any airport to see detailed runway information
  • Create automatic landing waypoints on to any airport
  • Visual landing guidance most airports without the need for ILS
  • Favorites – Right click the map to add, click Favorites to manage later
  • Altitude History Graph

There’s a Discord channel to talk about it right here.