Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 for MSFS released

Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released, Asobo has announced.

The long-awaited update, which had been in beta testing since early December 2022, brings a wide range of improvement to the default aircraft and avionics included in the simulator, thanks to Asobo’s partnership with Working Title.

The updates are expected to be regular throughout the year, similar to how Sim Updates and World Updates are pushed at set intervals by Asobo.

This first update focuses on upgrading avionics such as the G3000 and GNS 530/430, and aircraft like the CJ4, TBM 930, and Citation Longitude.

Working Title CJ4 MSFS


In release notes, Asobo said the Garmin GNS 430W and GNS 530W had been “upgraded to bring them much more closely in-line with their real-world counterparts”. This includes a visual overhaul, advanced flight planning support, including departures, arrival, and approach procedures, RNAV, a VNAV profile calculator page, keyboard entry mode, and a range of other features.

The Garmin G3000 & Garmin G5000 meanwhile also undergo a visual overhaul, with multiple layout styles now supported, flight plan enhancements, VNAV, and more.

Cessna Citation CJ4

The update brings a visual overhaul of the aircraft’s avionics, independent MFD and FMS operation, coupled VNAV, refined autopilot, cabin pressurisation, FMS performance calculations, keyboard entry, and more.

Cessna Citation Longitude

As found on the real aircraft, the Longitude now features “fully coupled Advanced VNAV”, as well as flight model improvements, a new autothrottle system, and new bleed air, hydraulic, environmental control, electrical, fuel, and automated braking systems.

Daher TBM 930

Finally, the TBM has been updated to include basic VNAV, customised EIS, systems synoptics pages, and the ability to open cockpit and cabin doors.

The full changelog can be read here.

MSFS TBM Liveries 1