Meet the Scrapyard Monster: a freeware flying frankenplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Forget about pristine Carenado interiors and shiny reflections from a meticulously recreated airliner fuselage. This one is completely different and shatters the mold of conventional aircraft design. The Scrapyard Monster, the first creation from LordFrites, looks like it has been ripped straight from the pages of a Mad Max script and dropped into Microsoft Flight Simulator!

This audacious aircraft is a hodgepodge of random objects scavenged from a scrapyard. It’s completely fictional… and yet absolutely fascinating. Beneath its patchwork exterior beats the heart of a beast – a Cosworth/Aston Martin V12 engine, pumping out a little more than 1000 HP. It’s a powerful bunch of garbage that, when all put together, turns out to be a very capable bush aircraft!

The Scrapyard Monster is capable of slow and low flights, taking off and landing from runways so short you’d think they were a joke. Carriers? Helipads? It’s nothing for this thing. It springs right into the air as if it’s escaping from a horde of zombies. But don’t let its bush plane label fool you. This monster can perform aerobatics, fly above 200 knots, climb like a rocket, and reach a ceiling altitude of 37,000 feet.

Born in January 2022 from the mind of Lord Frites, this is the first ever product under the name “Flying Fries”. The Monster’s stats are as wild as its looks, boasting 1160 horsepower, up to 2700 N.m of torque, and a total empty weight of 830 kgs / 1830 lbs. It can cruise anywhere between 50 and 220 KIAS, with a maximum speed of 250 knots.

The Scrapyard Monster is more than just a flying junkyard. It’s rather feature-packed and it’s clear that there’s some proper electricity running through its veins. Besides the impressively-detailed model and high-resolution textures, it also comes with custom instruments, dual VOR/ILS navigation, and a plethora of dimmable and switchable interior and exterior lights. It even has a Garmin touchscreen tablet for the tech-savvy post-apocalyptic simmer!

The aircraft comes with two liveries, each one a canvas of references and Easter eggs that will keep you exploring its details for a good while. And for the DIY crowd, a Blender 3D file is available for those who want to add their own creations.

The Scrapyard Monster MSFS freeware 8.jpg

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To celebrate this first release, Flying Fries is hosting a “release tour” from June 1st to June 8th. This will consist of 5 group flights across the world, hosted by Lord Frites himself. The routes promise to be as mesmerizing as the aircraft, with Lord Frites providing advice and help with the more challenging aspects of flying and handling the Scrapyard Monster. Stay tuned on the developer’s Discord to know more.

The Scrapyard Monster is a wild new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, an untamed symbol of the spirit of innovation within the community. It’s a unique, audacious, and downright uncanny addition to the simulator that promises to provide a fun, challenging, and unforgettable experience for simmers. Best of all? It’s totally free and available now on