SC Designs Nears Completion of F-5E Tiger II for Microsoft Flight Simulator

SC Designs has announced that their F-5E Tiger II for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now nearing completion and will soon be available through third-party publishers, starting with Just Flight, as well as directly on the MSFS Marketplace.

This development follows the initial announcement from a few weeks ago when the aircraft was already in advanced development, with hints that its release could be imminent. It appears we are now closer than ever to this date, as SC Designs expects to release the F-5E before the month ends.

According to the developer, this rendition of the F-5E Tiger II is among the most detailed available for Microsoft Flight Simulator to date. Significant effort has been invested in refining the flight model to closely align with the real aircraft’s operational charts. The developer asserts that these enhancements make the simulated aircraft’s performance remarkably close to its real-world counterpart. The accompanying manual is set to include comprehensive charts, designed to help users fully understand and utilize the aircraft’s capabilities, especially in air-to-air combat training scenarios.

The developer has set the price for this advanced simulation at £17.99, asserting that the level of detail and realism provided exceeds that of any other F-5E Tiger II rendition currently on the market for MSFS.

SC Designs states that the cockpit has been meticulously modeled to reflect the true design of the actual aircraft, featuring a gunsight reticule display and a radar system that is operational in multiplayer modes, similar to the system found in SC Designs’ F4 Phantoms. Staying faithful to the real F-5E Tiger II, the simulated version includes only basic navigation and communication equipment and does not feature an autopilot.

SC Designs F 5E Tiger MSFS 3

SC Designs F 5E Tiger MSFS 6

SC Designs F 5E Tiger MSFS 4

SC Designs F 5E Tiger MSFS 8

SC Designs F 5E Tiger MSFS 1

SC Designs F 5E Tiger MSFS 5

For PC users purchasing from third-party vendors, the aircraft will display visible weapons, and there is a possibility that custom sounds will be included at launch, although this may be subject to delay depending on development progress. The developer plans to introduce additional weapons load-outs and liveries through updates over the course of 2024.

In response to community interest, SC Designs has acknowledged requests for the inclusion of the F-5F twin-seater variant. While this variant will not be available at the initial launch, it is part of the developer’s future plans. However, the timeline for its release remains uncertain, as priority is given to updates for other aircraft models.

Finally, the developer has also teased the upcoming release of the SU-27 Flanker, with both aircraft expected to launch around the end of this month.