Discover Got Friend’s Mystery Box and a flying Citroen from RedWing Sim in this April Fools’ Day

Keeping up with tradition on April Fools’ Day, today we have a couple of entertaining freebies from two developers who couldn’t miss the opportunity to put a smile on our faces: Got Friends and their Mystery Box, which reveals an uncanny little aircraft inside, and RedWing Simulations, whose flying Citroen DS takes us back in time with a retro-futuristic inspiration from vintage French cinema! And they are both free!

Let’s start with Got Friends and their rather amusing and captivating new experience. It comes in a mysterious wooden box, which hides a chubby little airplane inside… powered by coins!

Despite its April Fools’ Day origins, this tiny flying machine is a detailed and well-crafted aircraft, with impressive textures that make it a delightful addition to any virtual hangar no matter the day. However, it’s not all fun and games – flying this thing is a true test of piloting skills. Those tiny wings are no good for slow flying so you better gain some speed or it will stall with no mercy!

got friends april fools 2023 4

got friends april fools 2023 2

got friends april fools 2023 6

got friends april fools 2023 3

got friends april fools 2023 5

Yep… it’s as ludicrous as it looks.

The challenge doesn’t end there, though. As the engine quits after a few seconds of flight, users must insert another coin into the designated slot on the right side of the instrument panel to bring the engine back to life. With each new coin, the engine roars again, allowing for a brief period of airborne amusement before the next coin-drop is required.

As you continue to feed the airplane with tokens, an array of lights activate, further adding to the playful atmosphere within the cockpit. The aircraft’s quirky design and unique flight dynamics provide an entertaining experience that will have you grinning from ear to ear on this absurd day!

As if this wasn’t enough to delight simmers on this April Fools’ Day, RedWing Simulations has taken things up a notch with the release of their flying Citroën DS. This classic French automobile, renowned for its innovative design and groundbreaking technologies, now takes to the skies as a unique and stylish aircraft inspired by the 1965 movie “Fantomas se déchaîne”.

Flying Citroen DS MSFS 4

Flying Citroen DS MSFS 1

Flying Citroen DS MSFS 2

Flying Citroen DS MSFS 3

Flying Citroen DS MSFS 5

Flying Citroen DS MSFS 6

RedWing Simulations has crafted a faithful representation of the vintage vehicle-turned-aircraft. The flying Citroën DS is not just a visual treat; it also offers a unique flying experience. To start the engine, users must lower the driver’s sun visor, where they will find the startup information. This clever nod to the car’s original design adds a touch of whimsy and immersion to the overall experience.

These strange but entertaining releases will surely fascinate you for many hours. Enjoy!