Pilot Experience Sim announces Maule M7 release date and debuts official trailer

Today, Pilot Experience Sim (PESIM) has unveiled the much-awaited release date for their study-level Maule M7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, along with a stunning official trailer video from AviationLads. The taildragger, known for its versatility and capability as a bush plane, is set to hit the Marketplace on April 6th. A few weeks following its Marketplace debut, the Maule M7 will become available on Simmarket and Inibuilds, accompanied by the developer’s custom installer and online update tool.

The Maule M7 has generated significant interest within the Microsoft Flight Simulator community, as PESIM has focused on delivering a detailed and realistic design. The development team has prioritized accuracy and immersion, incorporating fully functional systems such as fuel and electrical systems, and even simulating circuit breakers. This level of complexity is a testament to the dedication PESIM has put into this project, which we now look forward to checking out as the release date finally approaches.

The official trailer offers a glimpse of the stunning visuals and attention to detail that PESIM has invested in the Maule M7. The aircraft features various configurations to cater to different types of flying, including standard wheels, tundra tires for rough terrain, and floats for water landings. A ski configuration is also planned for a post-launch update, further expanding the aircraft’s versatility.

Inside the cockpit, PESIM has meticulously recreated the Maule M7’s interior, ensuring that everything that moves in the real aircraft is also animated in the simulation. Night lighting has been carefully designed to provide an immersive experience during nighttime flights.

The Maule M7’s performance characteristics make it an ideal choice for backcountry flying, with a cruising speed of 128 knots and a stall speed of just 43 knots with flaps down. Its rugged design and powerful engine allow it to tackle short runways and challenging terrain with ease.

In addition to the already extensive feature set, PESIM has announced a partnership with TDS Sim, creators of the GTNXi for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As a result, the GTNX750 and 650 will be available as options in the Maule M7-235, further enhancing the aircraft’s avionics capabilities.

With its diverse range of configurations and promised “study-level” simulation, the Maule M7 is set to become a popular choice for simmers seeking an authentic bush flying experience. With a release expected in just a few days, we’ll soon find out if it meets expectations!