This ‘Savage Carbon’ is the best bush airplane you can get for Flight Simulator

We’ve seen quite a few mods for MSFS that aim to improve the default aircraft, either by trying to make them more realistic, to turn them into a different version of the same aircraft, or to augment them in some way. While some of these mods are more realistic that others, they all try to increase the fun factor, the immersion in flying each aircraft and the overall enjoyment of flying with a different kind of bird.

Today we bring you a mod for the stock Savage Cub, which turns it into a “more powerful, stronger and meaner” aircraft, a true bush machine capable of the most astounding short takeoffs and landings. It’s (appropriately) called Savage Carbon, and it’s available for free, courtesy of GotGravel.

This is a custom-built aircraft that is both versatile and very powerful, which makes it loads of fun to use while hopping between the most challenging bush strips. Seriously, you should try this on our previously recommended Idaho and Oregon strips and see how cool it is!


The Savage Carbon comes with massive 29” Alaskan Bushwheels and a powerful 165HP engine. But that’s not all, as it’s been completely overhauled to be the most extreme STOL aircraft for Flight Simulator:

  • 29″ Alaskan Bushwheels
  • 165HP Edge Performance engine
  • 82″ Whirlwind GA-200L-STOL propeller
  • King Shock absorbers and upgraded suspension
  • Powerful disc brakes
  • A 3rd monster flap (60 degrees!) so you can fly slower approaches, with higher sink rates, giving you 15ft landing bragging rights.
  • Flaps move faster so you can pump them for short take offs and retract them at touchdown for maximum braking power.
  • Flaperons…using 20% aileron as flaps
  • Ground handling is what you would expect from a purpose-built backcountry aircraft: Lift your tail, propwash left and right, brake on a dime.
  • Vortex Generators on wing and tail are accurately simulated, delaying stalls and enabling those slow STOL approaches.
  • Over 10% lighter than a regular Savage Cub.

Besides all of this, the flight model has also been extensively modified to be as realistic as possible with several parameters tweaked to make it ridiculously fun to fly, like parasite and induced drag, P-factor, propwash, and more.


There’s also a nice collection of liveries (19 in total), so you’re likely to find a look that suits your style. This is a bird with a mean attitude and we think the matte black livery, or the red and black, suit it perfectly as it pulls impressive stunts getting in and out of tight spaces.

This is a work of passion by the creator, who spent over 200 hours of testing to get this right, with the help of two real pilots used to aircraft of this kind.

Our take? Totally worth it! Check our images below and hit that download button to get it!