The dangerous missing Idaho bush strips for MSFS (update: more added!)

Update! On our original article below, there were only three strips available. The list has now grown to include 16 bush strips, and even included a flight plan that includes all these spots for a specially challenging adventure! A must have package for any bush pilot!

Flight Simulator, in its current state, is the perfect sandbox for general aviation and bush flying, more so than for airliners. There’s already a number of great aircraft for this purpose, but one thing that sometimes is missing are those tiny grass strips in the middle of nowhere, which are often very challenging to get in and out off.

Old timers from previous versions of Flight Simulator were surprised to see some big airports missing, but there are also some small airstrips nowhere to be found. Most interestingly, the somewhat “famous” in the circle Mile Hi and Dewey Moore strips don’t exist in MSFS. These are two of the shortest airstrips one can land on, and pose a great and fun challenge in flight simulation. Thankfully, they are now available for free!

Courtesy of Kronzky, Mile Hi (I97D), Dewey Moore (I99D) and also Simonds strip, deep in Idaho backcountry, are now available for you to test your STOL capabilities. And each is very special in their own way:

  • Mile Hi, just over 500ft, and going uphill
  • Dewey Moore, about 700ft, ending in a mountain wall
  • Simonds, about 800ft, bumpy, enclosed by trees, and with no runoff space