Shrike Simulations, a Milviz sub-brand, releases the PA-30 Twin Comanche and MD 530F for MSFS

Shrike Simulations, the new low-end consumer-brand division of Milviz (with Blackbird Simulations being the “high-end”), has released its first two products for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the PA-30 “Twinkie” and the MD 530F helicopter. Thes​e releases kick off Shrike’s promise of a fleet of affordable, quality, jump-in-and-fly aircraft that offer maximum enjoyment at a low price point for both PC and Xbox users.

If you’ve been living under a rock, we call your attention to our coverage from earlier this year detailing the decision from the Milviz guys to create this new brand, along with a roundup of all they are up to for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There’s some really cool stuff there like the SR-71 (likely coming this year, stay tuned for some stunning preview images soon!), the Huey, and more!

Let’s go back to Shrike Simulations and their first two products. The PA-30 Twin Comanche, affectionately known as the “Twinkie“, comes with six liveries and is basically like a default Asobo aircraft, but better. There are no bells and whistles here: no wear and tear, not “study-level” by any means.

Shrike PA30 Twinkie MSFS 10

Shrike PA30 Twinkie MSFS 9

Shrike PA30 Twinkie MSFS 8

Shrike PA30 Twinkie MSFS 7

Shrike PA30 Twinkie MSFS 6

Shrike PA30 Twinkie MSFS 5

This is supposed to be a good-looking airplane that flies nicely and is enjoyable for simmers looking for an affordable new aircraft. The Twinkie retails for $17.99 and is exclusively available on Shrike Simulations’ website, at least for now. The plan is to bring it to the Marketplace in about a month.

As for the 530F, it’s a lightweight helicopter and comes equipped with dynamic lighting, door animations, and custom sounds. It will also feature weapons, in a similar fashion to what the team has done in the Corsair. However, the version available on the Marketplace will not include weapons modeling. The MD 530F will work on Xbox, but it does not support any GTN systems. Price: $19.99.

Shrike MD 530F MSFS 3

Shrike MD 530F MSFS 2

Shrike MD 530F MSFS 4

Shrike MD 530F MSFS 5

Shrike MD 530F MSFS 6

Shrike MD 530F MSFS 1

As the developers revealed when Shrike was first unveiled, the brand’s focus is on relatively simple and inexpensive add-ons, with prices ranging from $12.99 to $19.99. All Shrike aircraft include custom flight profiles and sound sets, and exploit the default systems available in Microsoft Flight Simulator at the time of their publication, however, they don’t include additional customizations that would extend the default MSFS experience.

The next in line from Shrike should be the Baron B-55. Last we heard, both model and code had been completed, so it shouldn’t take much longer to release. As always, we’ll keep you posted on any future news from Shrike and Blackbird Simulations!