Creator Of WorldS previews a highly-detailed Diamond DA42 for MSFS

A new development team has emerged within the flight simulation community with a very ambitious project in their hands. COWS, short for Creator Of WorldS, recently announced the development of a highly-detailed and realistic simulation of the Diamond DA42 for X-Plane. Shortly after, the team revealed they were looking for programming talent to bring this airplane to MSFS. Today, the project seems on the right path to success after a series of recent development, and it’s looking very impressive indeed!

COWS is comprised of 4 developers who joined forces to create this airplane. Mitchel, Jacob, Boris, and Peter are specialised in different fields and responsible for specific areas of the project. Boris, for example, is known for his work on the sounds of the FBW A32NX, the Vision Jet, and the sound packs for the C172 and SR22.

The team has shared a detailed overview of their goals in the X-Plane forums, where the scope of the project becomes apparent. Most of the preview images shared so far are relative to the X-Plane version, but COWS has also made progress with the MSFS version after reaching out for help within the community. This was just a few days ago, but since then the team has revealed that major breakthroughs have been made thanks to the support of other people, who are now making the arrival of this airplane to MSFS more viable than ever!

COWS DA42 MSFS preview 2

COWS DA42 MSFS preview 1

In a post from a few days in the official MSFS forums, Mitchel talks about this progress and how the airplane is now looking “pretty bright for a successful product”. Familiarity with the dev tools in MSFS has enabled significant progress in a few key areas, such as animations, cockpit interactions, systems, and more. COWS says that the DA42 is now fully functional in MSFS and capable of performing cross-country flights in IFR or VFR, while behaving within the real world numbers.

Along with this promising update, the developer posted a few very impressive preview images of the DA42 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Both the exterior and the interior of the aircraft look very good! The team had access to a real aircraft and took hundreds of reference photos that were used to create a “picture-perfect model”.

COWS DA42 MSFS preview 6

COWS DA42 MSFS preview 5

COWS DA42 MSFS preview 4

The flight model is also being developed taking into account real-world feedback. Two of the members of the team have hands-on experience with the DA42, which is backed by other testers that assure the COWS DA42 will fly in the simulator as well as it does in the real world. Electrical, fuel and de-icing systems are custom-made, and the DA42 makes use of the G1000NXi.

It’s easy to be excited about this airplane, judging from what COWS is presenting us at this point. However, it’s still too early to pass any judgment as the team is only now taking the necessary steps to advance the development of this airplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator. But it does look very good and hits all the right spots for a high-quality product, so we’ll continue tracking the latest developments and bringing you any further news about the COWS DA42 once available!