MK Studios releases La Guardia Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

MK Studios has launched its highly anticipated rendition of La Guardia Airport (KLGA), bringing to Microsoft Flight Simulator one of the most crucial hubs in the United States. Located just a few miles from the bustling heart of Manhattan, La Guardia Airport is not only a gateway for millions of travelers but also a vital piece of aviation infrastructure serving as a hub for major airlines like Delta and American Airlines.

MK Studios’ version of La Guardia promises to be the best rendition of this airport for MSFS yet. It includes meticulously detailed terminal interiors that provide a realistic feel as users navigate through the gates, and updated construction and ground layouts reflect the latest changes and developments at the airport.

The scenery also boasts handcrafted 3D models of buildings, jetways, and various airport facilities. The ground textures are based on custom 30cm/pixel satellite imagery, while elevation data is derived from high-quality LiDAR scans. These features should accurately portray the runway and apron profiles as well as the intricate details of the ground surfaces.

MK Studios La Guardia MSFS 6.webp

MK Studios La Guardia MSFS 5.webp

MK Studios La Guardia MSFS 4.webp

MK Studios La Guardia MSFS 2.webp

MK Studios La Guardia MSFS 1.webp

MK Studios La Guardia MSFS 7.webp

Another notable feature in this new release is the working Nool Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS). This modern system aids pilots in docking at gates with precision, thus enhancing operational efficiency and realism in the simulator. And there’s more:

  • Quality rendition of LaGuardia KLGA
  • Detailed terminal interiors
  • Up-to-date construction and grounds
  • Working Nool VDGS devices
  • Handcrafted 3D models of buildings, jetways, and various airport facilities
  • Custom 30cm/pixel satellite image covering the airport
  • Elevation data based on high-quality LiDAR scans, including runway and apron profiles
  • Custom, up-to-date ground polygons with lines, dirt, markings, and other details
  • Realistic lighting for immersive day and night operations
  • Custom Points of Interest (POIs) around the airport
  • AI compatible & AI parking codes

La Guardia Airport has a storied history, from its opening in 1939 to its evolution into a modern-day aviation hub. Its proximity to central New York City makes it a favorite for domestic travelers, and its challenging runways and tight airspace add a layer of complexity that simmers relish.

MK Studios’ rendition of La Guardia Airport is a significant addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator, providing simmers with an unparalleled opportunity to explore one of America’s busiest airports with the utmost realism. It’s available now for $17.00 USD through Contrail and simMarket!

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