Burning Blue Design announces EGHR Goodwood Aerodrome for MSFS

Burning Blue Design continues to expand the number of quaint UK airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering British simmers the possibility to enjoy some nicely-detailed historic airfields of different sizes. After the very recent release of Rochester airport (but also Denham, Fairoaks, and others), Burning Blue Design has now announced the development of Goodwood Aerodrome for MSFS.

EGHR Goodwood Aerodrome is another historic airfield in the UK, due to its role during the tough days of WWII. Like so many other airfields, it eventually became a popular civilian infrastructure, serving private pilots in the region and hundreds of small airplanes of all kinds.

Nowadays, EGHR retains its grassy runways and the presence of historical airplanes, while also offering prospecting pilots the opportunity to enroll in the thriving flying school that calls Goodwood home.

EGHR Goodwood Aerodrome MSFS 5

EGHR Goodwood Aerodrome MSFS 4

EGHR Goodwood Aerodrome MSFS 3

EGHR Goodwood Aerodrome MSFS 2

EGHR Goodwood Aerodrome MSFS 6

Burning Blue Design is now bringing this charming airfield to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator, looking to recreate the real-world scenery with the realistic and authentic details we’ve come to expect from the team.

They shared with us a few preview images of the product, depicting a few details around the airport, including the control tower, a few static Spitfires, and even the racing track that surrounds the airfield. With a nice Porsche and all!

Burnign Blue Design didn’t provide an estimated date for the release, but they did say this is still early work, which the team is conducting with thousands of reference materials from onsite visits. It should turn out quite well in the end, we anticipate. As always, we’ll be back with an update once it’s out!