Challenge yourself flying through a tight 7.5km tunnel in MSFS

Inspired by the recent feat from Dario Costa, who set a new world record for the longest flight through a tunnel, a popular developer from the MSFS community set out to create a similar experience. The result, the Mexican Tunnel Run, is a riveting challenge that will test your precision flying skills!

Dario Costa showed nerves of steel in Turkey, taking off from inside a tunnel and entering a second one for a total distance of more than 2km. Photosbykev, the creator of the Mexican Tunnel Run for MSFS, decided to make the virtual challenge even more difficult, with a tunnel that extends for 7.5km! At just 20 meters wide, you will need to exercise your precision skills in order to avoid touching the walls and crash.

The developer added an airstrip (PZ99) close to the northern entrance of the tunnel, which you can use to take off and head to the challenge. Once you enter the tunnel there’s no going back. Stay focused!

Mexican Tunnel Run MSFS 3.jpg

Mexican Tunnel Run MSFS 2.jpg

Recommended airplanes to take on this challenge are the default Pitts Special or a similar small racing airplane like the excellent Gee Bee R3 Special. But you can get creative and try something else, as long as it fits in the tunnel.

The Mexican Tunnel Run is a freeware add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator and is now available from

Photosbykev has a number of other very cool add-ons that you can install. Another one of our favorites is the Got Gravel Academy, which we’ve featured before and is a must-have for any bush pilot in MSFS!