The awesome Gee Bee R3 Special is now available for MSFS

The hugely fun and surprisingly capable Gee Bee R3 Special is finally available for purchase through the newly launched Payware section at We had the opportunity to test the Gee Bee first-hand a little over a week ago and came out with a big smile on our faces. This is probably the best racing airplane for Flight Simulator, with a number of very cool features!

Developed by a newly created collective called Got Friends, which joins together some lauded developers such as Got Gravel, Jonx and 270 Inc, the Gee Bee delivers a lot of its promises. It’s a powerful machine, fully prepared for aerobatics, and the ability to put some colored smoke on (and fly in multiplayer with it), has the potential to bring a lot of joy for any virtual pilot looking for some thrills.

Head over to our hands-on preview to get to know our experience with the aircraft. Now, more than a week later, it’s bound to be even better on the launch version. Here’s the list of features:

  • Auto-Start Ignition Set
  • Fully Clickable Cockpit
  • Custom Exterior Lights and Interior Annunciation Lights
  • GNS430/330 Set with In-Flight Swappable GTN750 Set (PMS50 Mod Required)
  • Nitrous Oxide (NOS) Boost and Quantity Gauge
  • Smoke Switches with Multiplayer Compatibility (White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange)
  • Cursor Hover Information on all Gauges
  • Realistic Flight Model
  • Landing Effects (Water, Rain, Dirt, Snow, Dry), Exhaust Effects & Heating Effects
  • 250 Kts (Max Speed) (+25% NOS Boost Increase)
  • 9 Liveries Included
  • 2 Sub-Models Included (VR Ready, The Rocketeer)

Got Friends also included a very handy user manual where you can learn all you need to master this excellent little bird.

The Gee Bee R3 Special is now available for just $15, and it’s an easy recommendation from us. Go get it!

Xbox simmers will also be in luck… eventually. Got Friends has confirmed that the Gee Bee will come to MSFS on the Xbox, but it’s unclear when that might happen.