Aeroplane Heaven releases the Republic P-47D for Microsoft Flight simulator

Following a surprising announcement a couple of days ago, Aeroplane Heaven has released today its latest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The studio, which has released a variety of aircraft under its own name and in partnership with Microsoft (see the Globe Swift, the DC-3, the Spitfire, or the Grumman F3F-2), is adding another classic warbird to its portfolio with the release of the Republic P-47D Thunderbolt.

Also known as “Jug,” the P-47D was one of the heaviest fighters in World War II and required a powerful Pratt & Whitney R2800 engine to accommodate its 8-tonne weight fully laden. This engine, shared with the F6F Hellcat and the Vought Corsair, contributed to the Thunderbolt’s reputation as a formidable medium-range escort fighter and ground attack aircraft.

However, the original ‘Razorback’ version of the P-47D faced visibility issues, which were later resolved by adopting a ‘bubble top’ canopy inspired by the RAF’s Hawker Typhoon. This improvement enhanced pilot visibility but led to the phasing out of the Razorback variant’s production – a model that Aeroplane Heaven is now bringing to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Aeroplane Heaven’s rendition of the Republic P-47D Thunderbolt for Microsoft Flight Simulator aims to bring this iconic aircraft to life with an impressive list of features. These include high-fidelity models with detailed gear wells and the Pratt and Whitney engine, crafted exterior and interior models based on contemporary plans, and an authentic cockpit with bespoke animations and effects. As expected, this addon incorporates full PBR materials and textures, offering realistic surface details.

MSFS simmers will appreciate the inclusion of an animated U.S. military pilot figure, with the option to switch to the default Asobo pilot model, and the choice between different gunsights/GPS, clean stores, or pylons.

Aeroplane Heaven claims that the P-47D’s flight dynamics and performance for MSFS have been accurately modeled on real flight test data, which should hopefully provide a realistic flying experience. Custom coding has also been added to improve the aircraft’s tail-dragger performance.

Aeroplane Heaven P 47D MSFS 7

Aeroplane Heaven P 47D MSFS 6

Aeroplane Heaven P 47D MSFS 5

Aeroplane Heaven P 47D MSFS 4

Aeroplane Heaven P 47D MSFS 3

Aeroplane Heaven P 47D MSFS 2

Moreover, the package includes a specially developed WWise Hi-Fidelity sound package. You’ll also be able to choose from 12 authentic liveries, allowing for a customizable flying experience that pays homage to the Thunderbolt’s storied history across various air forces during World War II.

Alongside their new aircraft release, Aeroplane Heaven has also shared a detailed video. It showcases the aircraft’s key features and is recommended for anyone looking to learn more about its unique aspects.

The Aeroplane Heaven P-47D is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at around $34.00 USD via simMarket, Orbx, and other vendors.