The FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger is out now for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Just a few days after coming under our radar, the Bell 206B JetRanger from FlyInside is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s the second helicopter from the team for MSFS, after the B-47-G2, which was one of the pioneering rotorcraft in the platform.

FlyInside have developed their own flight model technology for helicopters, which they used before with the B-47 and continue to do so on the new B-206. Apparently, one of the members of the team is a current owner of a JetRanger, which should make for a very realistic experience flying this helicopter in MSFS.

FlyInside promises a realistic aircraft with the B206. Besides the authentic flight model, you’ll also find a fully interactive cockpit where everything works and does what it’s supposed to, down to the circuit breakers.

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 8

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 7

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 6

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 5

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 3

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 2

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 1

Those looking for an in-depth helicopter simulation are in for a treat with the FlyInside B206. The Allison engine has been modeled in great detail down to its “finicky startup procedure“. A mistake may result in a hot start, which is not desirable at all and very costly in the real world. Thankfully, you’ll be able to quickly reset the engine and try again in MSFS.

FlyInside claims that MSFS simmers will gain access to a very faithful virtual version of the B206 regarding the aircraft’s characteristics in flight, including retreating blade stall, VRS (Settling with Power) ETL (Effective Translational Lift), Translating Tendency, and more. You’ll be able to do full touchdown autorotations, hovering autos, run on landings, and so on. FlyInside’s goal is to offer an experience in MSFS that closely mimics the real-world 206.

FlyInside Bell 206 JetRanger MSFS 9

In terms of visuals and sounds, FlyInside says that the B-206 features “extremely detailed artwork” both in modeling and texturing. The official product images seem to verify that, although the textures look perhaps a bit too clean. But the model should be absolutely spot on, as it’s been built from a 3D scan of a real helicopter. Spatial sounds should round up the package and provide an immersive atmosphere in the B-206 – and it’s something FlyInside did really well in the B-47-G2.

The FlyInside B-206 promises to be a highly-detailed new helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s now available through the developer’s own site, priced at $37.95.


  • Revolutionary and realistic flight model, developed and tested by an experienced 206 pilot
  • Support for full helicopter flight physics including effective translational lift, ground effect, transverse flow, flap-back, auto-rotation, and more
  • Support for failures and dangerous flight regimes including vortex ring state, engine failure, and retreating blade stall
  • Detailed 3D model with high quality PBR textures and animated drive and control systems
  • Live inspection doors with 3d turbine, transmission, and internal models
  • Openable doors and windows
  • Dynamic and adjustable night lighting
  • Realistic startup and shutdown procedures
  • Fully interactive cockpit with full systems, switches, and circuit breaker
  • High-fidelity audio based upon 100+ sound effects, including switches and latch sounds recorded from the real thing
  • Highly customizable realism settings allow for a smooth, easier flight model for those who are less experienced, and a hardcore, realistic flight model for the veterans experienced with the complex and challenging flight dynamics of helicopters