Taxi2gate has released KMCO Orlando Intl Airport… but you should probably wait to get it

Taxi2Gate is out with its second airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator (after TFFR) and it’s a pretty big one. Orlando International Airport (KMCO), available now on simMarket for approximately $30, looks to offer an authentic depiction of one of the largest commercial airports in the United States… but was launched with a rather significant problem that is leaving simmers puzzled with the timing of the release.

With over 850 daily flights to 135 domestic and international destinations, Orlando International Airport serves as a primary international gateway in Florida. The airport is a hub for major carriers such as United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. With 50 million passengers served per year, it’s now among the busiest airports in the United States.

Taxi2Gate’s rendition of KMCO provides detailed photo scenery, textures with realistic ground markings, custom mesh, and faithfully recreated airport buildings. The terminal features interior modeling, 3D static objects on the apron with PBR effects throughout the scenery, and dynamic night lighting. It seems, overall, like a decent package, albeit on the expensive side. There is, however, a major compromise as of now in order to get this scenery to work properly: you have to disable photogrammetry.

taxi2gate kmco orlando.airport msfs 6

taxi2gate kmco orlando.airport msfs 5

taxi2gate kmco orlando.airport msfs 4

taxi2gate kmco orlando.airport msfs 3

taxi2gate kmco orlando.airport msfs 1

Since the release, simmers were quick to point out terraforming issues in the scenery that break the experience. In response to these concerns, Taxi2Gate recommended users to turn off photogrammetry to avoid terraforming issues on bridges. So, for now, if simmers want to use this rendition of KMCO with no problems, they have to disable one of the most groundbreaking features in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

That said, you should probably wait a few days to see if this problem gets properly fixed by Taxi2gate before shelling out $30.

Taxi2gate’s decision to publish this scenery knowing that users would have to disable one of the simulator’s most notorious features is quite puzzling. Unless it was innocent and, in that case, displays a certain lack of testing and quality control before the release. Regardless, the developers promise a prompt resolution to these issues, with an update expected in the coming days.

KMCO Orlando International Airport is out now on simMarket.