IndiaFoxtEcho reveals beautiful screenshots of their reworked Tornado model for MSFS

IndiaFoxtEcho is back with some news regarding its highly anticipated Panavia Tornado for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After revealing that a decision had been made to rework their existing 3D model, IndiaFoxtEcho has reported that this process is now 90% complete, and with great results!

IndiaFoxtEcho announced their intention to bring this iconic jet to MSFS in May 2022, stating that they would be using the IDS (Interdictor/Strike) variant as a base model, since they have good documentation about that variant with the necessary data to build a fairly authentic virtual model and simulation for MSFS. In their previous update, posted earlier this year, IndiaFoxtEcho revealed some preliminary screenshots of their Tornado project, showing off the external model and some liveries.

Now, with the reworked 3D geometry almost complete, the cockpit is the developer’s focus before the team can move on to the systems integration stage. They have also invested a significant amount of time creating several liveries, which should be previewed in the coming days.

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 3d model 2

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 3d model 1

As we’ve learned, the legacy IDS will be the main variant of the Tornado package, which IndiaFoxtEcho is working on to make as detailed as possible. The developer acknowledges the complexity of the machine and the challenge that comes with delivering a high-fidelity simulation in this particular case, but assures that they will do their best to please the fans of the aircraft (who will undoubtedly be looking into Just Flight’s upcoming rendition of the Tornado as well).

IndiaFoxtEcho’s Tornado will include several external visual models, including the British GR.1, but they will most likely share the same cockpit. However, the developer notes that things may change over time.

The developer has shared a few preliminary screenshots of the Luftwaffe liveries, the Desert Storm Italian livery, and the RSAF one. It is worth noting that details like pilots’ helmets and uniforms are yet to be finalized.

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 3d model 3

The Tornado is a twin-engine, variable-sweep wing multirole combat aircraft that was jointly developed and manufactured by Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany. It entered service in 1979 and has been used by several air forces around the world, including the Royal Air Force (RAF), the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) and the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare).

The release date for IndiaFoxtEcho’s Tornado is still unknown. As always, we’ll share that information with you as soon as it becomes available – along with significant development updates share by the team as work progresses on this exciting aircraft!

If you are a fan of military aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you might want to check out some of the other creations from Indiafoxtecho. This developer specializes in bringing realistic and detailed models of modern military jets to the sim, such as the Leonardo M-346 Master, the F-35 Lightning II, or the MB-339.