The Van’s RV-14 from SimWorks Studios is now out for MSFS

After a short delay, SimWorks Studios released today their newest project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the brilliant Kodiak 100, the team has now turned into a sportier, smaller, lighter aircraft, the fun Van’s RV-14.

Like the Kodiak, the RV-14 now comes to MSFS in a collaboration between SimWorks Studios and the aircraft’s manufacturer, so we’re looking yet again at a highly accurate, beautifully rendered model that should also behave very closely to its real-world counterpart.

The Van’s RV-14 is, naturally, one of Van’s crown jewels. It’s the latest design from the company, continuing to improve on previous designs for a high performant, economical, and aerobatic-cable little airframe. SimWorks Studios has brought both the taildragger and the tricycle gear variants, so simmers can choose their favorite profile.

SimWorks Studios says this model was built with authenticity in mind, carefully created to be as faithful as possible to the original. This is augmented by a realistic sound set, recorded from the real aircraft, and an accurate flight model that has been tested by actual RV-14 pilots.

SimWorks Studios Vans RV 14 MSFS 6

SimWorks Studios Vans RV 14 MSFS 5

SimWorks Studios Vans RV 14 MSFS 4

SimWorks Studios Vans RV 14 MSFS 3

SimWorks Studios Vans RV 14 MSFS 1

The RV-14 for MSFS also features integration of both GTN 750 solutions from PMS50 and TDS, for a complete avionics package that should fulfill most pilots’ needs. There are plenty of other cool features, such as the wide range of animations, realistic lighting, or weight-based baggage and copilot visibility, just like we saw in the Kodiak.

All in all, this should be another great airplane from SimWorks Studios, this time with a completely different purpose than the previous aircraft. At just €14.99, it’s also incredibly cheap, so there’s really little excuse not to try it out and enjoy some fun flights in your favorite location in MSFS.

The SimWorks Studios RV-14 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Main features:

  • Accurate 3D model & animations
  • Three generic and three custom liveries
  • Taildragger and tricycle variants
  • Realistic flight model tested by RV-14 pilots
  • Free-castering nose wheel (RV-14A)
  • Full GTN750 integration (PMS50 and TDS)
  • Flutter animations from propwash
  • Weight-based visibility of copilot in the cockpit
  • Weight-based visibility of baggage behind the seats
  • Opening canopy
  • Functional canopy ejection switch
  • Animated air conditioning vents
  • Realistic backlighting and floodlighting
  • Realistic exterior lighting
  • MSFS rain & icing effects included

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