Skyward Simulations announces Diamond DA50 RG for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Skyward Simulations is set to release the Diamond DA50 RG for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer, with no prior history developing aircraft for flight simulation, announced this through their newly-created Discord, offering a few details and, perhaps more importantly, several very good-looking preview images of the DA50 in MSFS.

But first, a word about the real-world aircraft. The DA50 may not be the most well-known aircraft from Diamond, although it was introduced back in 2006. The Diamond DA50 RG is a sleek, single-engine, five-seat aircraft that stands out for its speed, advanced aerodynamics, and composite material construction. It is the most advanced single-engine airplane in Diamond’s lineup.

Skyward Simulations Diamond DA50 MSFS 1

Despite this, the DA50 is still a rare sight in the skies. The aircraft only received FAA certification in 2023, and deliveries started just a few months ago, so there’s still a long way to go for the DA50 to become a common sight. However, pilots have praised the aircraft’s excellent performance, the sleekness of its retractable landing gear, and its carrying capacity of up to 5 passengers.

So, this is definitely an interesting airplane and surely a very welcome addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Skyward Simulations seems poised to deliver just that very soon, based on the information they shared. The developer promises high-quality visuals with an accurate 3D model and high-resolution textures, but also custom-coded systems, a faithful flight model, and the obligatory integration of Working Title’s excellent G1000NXi.

No release date has been provided by the developers, but a release is expected “soon.” Until then, enjoy the first preview images of the sleek DA50 in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Skyward Simulations Diamond DA50 MSFS 6

Skyward Simulations Diamond DA50 MSFS 5

Skyward Simulations Diamond DA50 MSFS 4

Skyward Simulations Diamond DA50 MSFS 3