SC Designs F-5E Tiger II now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

As anticipated following the recent previews, the F-5E Tiger II from SC Designs has finally made its grand entry into Microsoft Flight Simulator. This addition marks an expansion in SC Designs’ portfolio of military aircraft, building on their F-16.

The F-5E Tiger II, a sleek and elegant light jet fighter introduced in the 1960s, has been modeled by SC Designs to offer an immersive and realistic flight simulation experience. Key highlights include:

  • VR Compatibility: The F-5E Tiger II is fully compatible with Virtual Reality headsets, offering an immersive flying experience for VR users.
  • Detailed Paint Schemes: Comes with 17 paint schemes, providing a variety of appearances for different scenarios and preferences. A Paint Kit is also available for customizations.
  • High-Fidelity Virtual Cockpit: Features an accurately modeled ejector seat, controls, and high-detail texturing. All analogue instruments are constructed in 3D with smooth animations.
  • Customizable Crew: Offers fully customizable crew helmets, names, flight suit patches, and even faces for a personalized cockpit experience.
  • Advanced Aircraft Systems: Includes custom-coded, user-controlled ordnance via the simulator’s Payload Manager, functional multiplayer-compatible radar, and display screens with visual layouts based on the real aircraft’s systems.
  • Native MSFS Aircraft: Coded with Microsoft Flight Simulator native ‘Model Behaviors’ animations and built to MSFS operational specifications to ensure compatibility with future simulator upgrades.
  • Comprehensive Manuals: A full operations manual and a flight model manual are included to provide users with detailed guidance on the aircraft’s features and operation.

The SC Designs F-5E Tiger II is now live on the Just Flight website, available for purchase at a price of €21.95.