The Fenix A320 gets a price tag as beta stage comes to an end

Now that the PMDG 737 is out for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the eyes of the community have now turned to Fenix Simulations and its highly hyped A320 simulation, eagerly awaiting for another major airliner release. It’s been a while since we last heard from the team, but this weekend we finally got some new words from Amir Thacker!

With this latest development update, as usual, we get to know a few more interesting details about this endeavor, but also a surprising new piece of information: the price! This was one of the aspects that were yet to be unveiled about the Fenix A320 for MSFS, but Amir has taken the opportunity to reveal a somewhat surprising cost for this product: £49.99.

This should round up to about $60/€$60, which ends up being cheaper than the PMDG 737, the BAe 146 from Just Flight, or the Fly The Maddog X. And that’s already with tax included. Like Wing42, Fenix believes the larger market in MSFS enables developers to have more sales, making it possible to sell add-ons at a lower price, thus reaching an even bigger audience. A laudable belief, in our opinion, and Fenix will probably end up being happy with this somewhat risky choice.

Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 8

Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 6

Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 5

Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 3

Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 2

Besides this news about the price, the latest update from Fenix also details the project’s current status, which is now at the end of its beta stage. In fact, Fenix is now testing release candidate versions of the A320, which bodes well for a release in the coming weeks!

Furthermore, Amir also spent some time writing about some of the immersive features that have been implemented in the A320, such as the real-time loading of the aircraft. These come with a selection of striking new images of the aircraft, which continues to look simply incredible on all fronts. From the beautifully modeled and textured cockpit, to the ultra-detailed passenger cabin, or the vast number (+180!) of high-resolution liveries, Fenix seems to have done a remarkable job with this model of the A320.

Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 7

If you’re looking to learn more about the Fenix A320, read the full development update on the official website, and stay tuned for further news soon. At this point, we’re waiting to hear about a tentative release date at any moment, so you better get ready to welcome this new study-level airliner into your hangar fairly soon!

Fenix A320 MSFS end of beta 1