A showcase of Orbx’s Havant Studio stunning work in MSFS

As you’ve probably noticed, Orbx has been incredibly busy since the release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, seemingly releasing a new airport at least every week. This is obviously the result of a team effort and the commitment to this new platform, but there’s a particular reason for this: it’s the UK’s Havant Studio, responsible for the new wave of high quality addons for MSFS.

Orbx’s Havant Studio have produced some of the best new airports for MSFS, such as such as LOWG Graz, KSJC San Jose, EGPN Dundee, EGLC London City, and EGNT Newcastle. Each of them is a gorgeous depiction of their respective real-life counterparts, and a dramatic improvement over the default scenery.

Seriously, go check all the great work this team as done with all their airports. And if you have any doubt, check the showcase video below, and appreciate not only the marked improvements in each location but also the sheer complexity and richness of details.