Watch now the first live streams of the Fenix A320 for MSFS!

Fenis Simulations is finally ready to show their much-hyped first aircraft creation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Fenix A320, which is set to be one of the most comprehensive simulations of the Airbus A320 to ever hit the consumer flight simulation industry, is now out of the beta stage. Even more than that, testers and content creators are now allowed to share their impressions of the aircraft and share it in great detail. The NDA has been lifted!

Just like we saw with PMDG and the 737, the following days and weeks will be packed with videos showing the Fenix A320 in action in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This starts today, as we see the first streamers showing the airplane for all of us to see.

Without further ado, see below some of the initial live streams, happening right now! Our highlight goes to our usual favorites, TheFlyingFabio and Chewwy94: