The Flying Inflatable Boat is real and is now available for MSFS

It may sound ridiculous, but it’s true! There is a real Flying Inflatable Boat (and an amphibious version!), created in Italy by Polaris Motor, with a simple concept: attach an inflatable boat to a hang-glider, put an engine on it, and call it a day. The result is an uncanny flying machine that is actually commercially available, and has now arrived to Flight Simulator in its amphibian variant.

BlueMesh is a newcomer to MSFS, and their first product definitely catches anyone’s attention. Inspired by the Polaris AM-FIB, the developer created the aptly named “Amphibious Ultralight“, which seems to replicate the real-world contraption quite accurately. It has been created with decent-quality PBR textures, a fully working cockpit, and even includes an elusive feature that is greatly appreciated among many of you: wing flex!

Even though this little aircraft was just released a couple of days ago, the developer’s support has been efficient, quickly responding to customer feedback and adding some feature requests, such as flight model tweaks and brakes. There’s also a promise to update the flight characteristics of this flying boat on a weekly basis, thanks to the input of L1onel, a real pilot of the ultralight. Thanks L1onel!

Seriously, this looks like a fun little toy. And at just $10 it’s hard to complain about anything, really. It’s slow and simple, but can take of and land from nearly anywhere, and is perfect to just fly around while watching the views. All those POI’s that you still haven’t cleared in the World Map? This flying boat should be a great way to go check them from up close.

The BlueMesh Amphibious Ultralight is now available at SimMarket.

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